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How to add your Binance Fast API key to your Kryll account

Kryll is now compatible with the Binance Fast API feature, allowing you to connect your Kryll account to Binance in less than a minute as well as adding an extra layer of security! It also signifies the termination of the standard API keys' 90-day validity duration, which has been a concern expressed by a considerable number of our users previously. You can now cease worrying about your API keys reaching their expiry date!

Below are the steps you need to follow to connect Kryll to your Binance account and being be ready to launch your first strategies in just a few minutes!

What is Binance Fast API feature and how does it work?

Binance has initiated the Fast API feature to enhance the experience of API keys. Fast API assists users in swiftly authorizing specific account privileges, generating API keys, and automatically integrating with third-party API link platforms.

The Fast API function enables users to access their Binance account using the fast connect feature on third-party link platforms. It is capable of auto-generating API keys and associating them with third-party link platforms, which allows users to begin using their services without the need for manual creation of API keys.

1) Log in to Kryll and go to "Settings"

2) Find the dedicated window on the bottom right of your screen

Make sure you've deleted your old key so you can link your accounts via Binance Fast API.
Using sub-accounts? Click here

4) Log in to your Binance account

5) Click on "Continue" to connect Kryll to your Binance account

There you go! You've connected Kryll to your Binance account in a few clicks! That was fast, isn't it?

Does Binance Fast API work with sub-accounts on Kryll?

Unfortunately, Binance Fast API does not work with sub-accounts. You will need to do it the old-fashioned way by clicking the dedicated button under the Fast API connection button:

Click here to follow the tutorial on how to add an asymmetric API key for your sub-accounts:

Tutorial add Binance Fast API key to Kryll

I'm having an error with Binance Fast API on Kryll. How can I fix it?

Here are the three main errors you could encounter with Binance Fast API on Kryll and how to fix them:

You already have a standard API key

You must remove your old key, otherwise you won't be able to add a Fast API key.

You already have a Binance Fast API key

Binance does not allow you to have multiple Fast API key on the same platform, you will then need to delete the old one before creating a new one.

You have not completed the KYC on Binance

The Binance Fast API feature does need an account with KYC. To complete the Binance identity verification (KYC), please click here.


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