How to add your Kucoin API key to your account

Kucoin API key tutorial

Kucoin is now part of the family of exchanges supported by the platform.
In order to be able to execute your strategies on the Kucoin exchange, you must inform the Kryll platform with an API key. This API key is provided by Kucoin, we will explain in the guide that follows how to configure the Kryll platform with the Kucoin API key.

Sit back and have a cup of coffee, we’ll get started.

1 — Log in to your Kucoin account and click the menu icon on the upper right then go to “API Management”.

API Management

2 — Click “Create API”. Important : Your 2FA (Two-factor authentication) must be enabled.

Create API

3 — You must now name your API key and set up an “API Passphrase”. Note : This is not your “trading password”, they’re two different things (you can change it in “security settings”). Note : Save your API Passphrase for later.

4 — To confirm the creation of your Kucoin API key you must now input your “trading password”, “email verification code” (check your email) and “2FA code” at the same time. Then click “Submit”.

Trading password can be found in the “security settings” menu of Kucoin

5 — Your Kucoin API key & secret key are now created. It is recommended to back them up. Note : Leave the withdraw option unchecked.

6 — Go to your dashboard on the “Your account” tab. On the right you will have the “Exchange API keys” section. Select “add an exchange” and then “Kucoin”. Now add your “API Key”, “API Secret” and your “API Passphrase” then click “save”.

Congratulations, your Kucoin API key is now added to your account. You are ready to trade! Happy trading!

NOTE : For token trading on Kucoin, please firstly click “Transfer” and transfer the assets from the Main Account to the Trading Account.

Happy Trading!

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