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Kryll enters a New Era!

To celebrate this event, run a Kryll bot to participate in the $100'000 airdrop to share🎁

The future of trading is automated and Kryll remains at the pinnacle of this trading evolution. A new engine, a new marketplace, a new graphical interface, an updated mobile app and an ever more fluid user experience. Since the beginning of the year, we've been building many new features for the best traders in the space to utilise! So on the occasion of the release of Kryll 2.0, here's an overview of all the recent developments that have been made to bring you Kryll 2.0.

1 - A Simple and Transparent Marketplace

The Kryll Marketplace V2 has been completely redesigned. The main objective? To enable users to find the strategies best suited to their expectations and risk appetite. Thanks to the new filtering rules, you can easily find the most profitable strategies, while having access to precise performance indicators, extracted from the community's live performance results.

The other great new feature of this new Marketplace V2: Packs! Find a whole range of predefined thematic packs that can be launched in one click! DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, Gaming... Select a predefined set of assets, and start accumulating some tokens without having to worry about it.

All the details and a presentation guide of the Marketplace are available on the article: Marketplace Version 2 is live and ready to use!

2 - A New and Improved Execution Engine: KeV2

The Kryll Engine V2 is a major redesign of the heart of Kryll: the policy creation tool. It aims at giving more flexibility and control to the users. The goal of KeV2 is to significantly improve the capabilities and performance of the strategies. All this by offering more options and greater flexibility in the choice and control of technical indicators.

In parallel with these developments, considerable improvements have been made to the precision and finesse of the Kryll backtests. They are also making a comeback on the marketplace, allowing you to evaluate each strategy of the marketplace over the periods that interest you, for free.

You will find the complete details of the improvements brought by the Kryll Engine V2 in the article: Kryll Engine V2 has arrived!

3 - A Clean and Modern Design

At Kryll.io we aim to build a reliable, efficient and evolving product; but it needs to be simple to use and attractive. It is with this in mind that the new version of Kryll has been totally redesigned to offer you more clarity and freshness.

4 - An Evolved Mobile Application

The Kryll Companion mobile application has evolved to become a real interface for controlling your strategies, accessible directly from the palm of your hand.

With a new design and a completely reworked ergonomics, the Kryll App now allows you to swap most of your tokens directly from your smartphone, without any additional costs other than those of your connected exchanges.

You will find the complete details of the new features of the mobile application by following our article: New version of the Mobile App available

A Historic Airdrop of $100'000 🤑

On the occasion of the release of Kryll 2.0, we would like to thank the community for its loyalty and involvement in the evolution of the platform since its launch in 2018!

For this, the Kryll team is launching a historic airdrop worth $100,000 to reward its users.

Participating in this unique event is as easy as pie, simply:

  • Launch at least one live strategy from the Marketplace between October 11 and 30, 2022.
  • Leave these strategies running at least until the snapshot which will take place on November 30, 2022 to be part of the users eligible for this historic Airdrop.

Recipients of the airdrop will be notified via the KRL wallet section on platform.kryll.io in the form of deposits in $KRL tokens!

Do not hesitate to join us on our Telegram and Discord groups as well as on our other social networks to share your opinion and your feedback on the Kryll.io platform.


Happy Trading,

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