Kryll Changelog - Monthly Progress Report August 2021

This summer period has been a busy one at Kryll HQ! Between the market downturn, bug fixes and market relaunch, Kryll has been able to continue innovating based on user feedback while seizing the opportunity to grow following the announcement of its association with the BitMex exchange.

Here we will review the latest developments for this 1.21 release and highlight the highlights in the "Kryll universe".

Changelog Kryll version 1.21

  • Auto-refill
  • Spot trading terminal, bug fixes and Smart Link
  • Kryll futures position management and bug fixes
  • Users can launch more strategies on their account

The "Metrics

As usual, here is the report of our growth for August 2021:


Our trading products needed an extra level of automation.

Kryll automatically refills you with the same amount of KRL as when you first started a strategy.

If you start a strategy with 25 KRL, you will be automatically refilled with 25 KRL when all of it has been used.

Kryll released the spot trading terminal in August 2021 and fixed some bugs.
As a reminder, you can plan your automated trading as for Futures, but with the "serenity" of the spot market which is less volatile and may be more suitable for beginners.
For more details, here is the dedicated article.

This is the main window of the trading terminal tool

Position management on Kryll Futures and bug fixes

Kryll has also fixed some bugs on the Futures platform but the new thing is the integration of the position management on Kryll Futures directly in your portfolio!

Don't forget to select the "Switch to full control" mode to close your positions

Users can launch more strategies on their account

We have rewarded our Holders for their support by significantly increasing their maximum number of running strategies (slots).

Here is the Slots table according to the Holdings Program

Feel free to join us on our Telegram groups to share your opinions and feedback on these new features.

Thank you to our community, publishers and beta testers for helping us improve the platform.

Happy trading

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