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The year 2019 has been very productive at Here is a summary of the accomplishments of the French start-up. in a few figures:
- $0 to $7,000,000 monthly volume
- $50,000,000 traded on the platform
- 20,000 registered users
- 120 Automated Trading Strategies in the Marketplace
- $1,500,000 market capitalization

Early 2019

Launching the public version. The platform is accessible to everyone, all those who had trusted us until then could judge the seriousness of the company. The product was delivered on time and user feedback was not long in coming. A lot of compliments and thanks from the community, which motivated us to start this year by redoubling our efforts.

The marketplace, one of the most eagerly awaited options was launched at the end of January. The community is now equipped with a powerful automated trading strategy sharing tool, allowing novices to rent strategies to other users for a fee in KRL. To date the marketplace has more than 120 strategies created and tested by the community.

The MarketPlace with more than 120 strategies to install, you can test them for free!

Coingate, to buy KRLs easily from the platform. With the arrival of new users it has been necessary to facilitate the acquisition of KRYLL in order to ensure the supply of the strategies with fuel, KRL being the means of payment of the platform. Thanks to the partnership with Coingate, users can now buy KRL with BTC/ETH/XRP or other currency (+50) directly from the platform.

Mobile Application for iOS and Android
To monitor their strategies from wherever a mobile application is needed. Users can now consult their strategies directly from their smartphone but also:
- Stop a strategy
- Refill a strategy in KRL
- Consult their portfolio
- Consult their trade history
- Be notified of a buy / sell mobile app for iOS and Android

BPI, a trusted partner has been selected by the BPI (Public Investment Bank) to support the development of its automated trading platform for crypto-actives.Bpifrance has decided to reinforce its future developments with a major investment through its "Aide pour le développement de l’innovation".

BpiFrance supports the project

Mid 2019

Affiliate Program, generate passive income
Mid-year things pick up speed. The affiliate program makes its appearance, each user can generate passive income by referring a friend. Commissions range from 20 to 45% depending on your holding program and offers your referral 2 weeks at 35% discount on the platform.

Earn up to 45% commission by sponsoring friends

The strategy editor gains power with ICHIMOKU
The long-awaited indicator, ICHIMOKU, is added to the strategy editor, thus increasing the possibilities of automation.

Le puissant indicateur Ichimoku disponible dans l'éditeur de stratégies

Meeting with users and first exhibition in Malta
The Kryll team was present at the blockchain exhibition in Malta in May. We made very good acquaintances, met other cryptos projects and above all we were able to present our finished product. The feedback was excellent.

Kucoin Exchange integration
Always at the request of the community, we have added the Kucoin exchange platform support to the list of supported platforms. It is now possible to trade on Binance, Binance US, Kraken, Kucoin, Bittrex, Liquid and HitBTC.

Smart Trading, execute a smart trade in just a few clicks
Since June, the arrival of Smart Trading has made it possible to launch simple, self-generated trading strategies.

With Smart Trading you can monetize your calls, a sharing url is made available each time you create a Smart Trade, if you share this url you will earn commissions on the users who follow your call.

Create intelligent trades (SL / TP) and share them to generate passive income

The first power publishers
During the summer the Kryll team has not rested and has continued to accompany its users in their trading success. Thus, a publisher (a strategy creator who published one or more of his strategies on the MarketPlace) stood out thanks to one of his strategies that was installed and launched by nearly 250 users!

This is a great success and we are proud to be able to participate in the financial autonomy of our users.

End of 2019

The SWAP, buy / sell your cryptos one click
Most crypto-traders have their crypto-currencies scattered on several different exchange platforms. In case of strong price movements, whether up or down, it quickly proves difficult and time-consuming to connect to all your accounts one by one, especially since prices may continue to fall or explode during this time.
Kryll's swap will allow you to control all the other accounts and cryptos that you have on your connected exchanges. With a simple click, you can easily swap the selected crypto-currency without having to log in to the exchange.

KRL listing on HitBTC
The good news for has come just as quickly at the end of the year: first of all with the integration of the Kraken and Binance US exchanges to the platform, but also with the KRL listing on HitBTC!

The KRL token is now available on HitBTC

A new member in the team
The Kryll team has also grown with the arrival of a new member in customer support (Matthew).

All the Kryll team wishes you a Happy New Year 2020!

Happy Trading,

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