Kryll Quick User Guide

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of automated trading with, the ultimate cryptocurrencies trading platform.
This short guide is designed to quickly introduce you to the launching of your first strategy. Let yourself be guided step by step with clear and concise examples. Once your strategy is launched Kryll will do the rest!

First of all!
Kryll does not have access to your cryptocurrencies. Kryll is a platform that will launch strategies to place buy/sell orders for you on the exchanges. So first of all, you need to have an account on an exchange (Binance, Kraken, etc.) with cryptocurrency available on it.

Before continuing this tutorial you must have a Kryll account. Click here to create your Kryll account


  1. Understanding the Dashboard ------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. View your Portfolio -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    A. Sign up on an exchange --------------------------------------------------------------------------
    B. Connecting the Kryll platform to an exchange using an API key --------------
  3. Launch your first strategy! --------------------------------------------------------------------
    A. Define your needs --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    B. KRL, the fuel of strategies, how does it work? ---------------------------------  
    C. Launch your trading strategy -----------------------------------------------------------------

1. Understanding the Dashboard

When you first arrive on the Kryll platform you will see a dashboard like the one below.

  1. Quick connection to an exchange so Kryll can place buy/sell orders for you (see 2-B). List of tutorials here (For Binance, etc..).
  2. This section gives you the latest news about the Kryll platform.
  3. Automated trading strategies that might interest you depending on your user profile.
  4. Shortcuts to the features available on Kryll: Swap, Strategy Marketplace, Trading Terminal or the Strategy Editor. This space will be replaced by your running strategies as soon as you start using the platform.

Note: At no time does Kryll have the rights to withdraw your funds from your exchange, Kryll will just place the buy and sell orders for you using what is called an API key (see below)

You will have to start by connecting the platform to an exchange such as Binance, Kraken, HitBTC, etc. This is what we will see in step 2.

2. Display your portfolio

The portfolio is a representation of the cryptocurrencies that you own, these cryptocurrencies are present on the exchange on which you bought them, at no time Kryll has your funds, they always remain on the exchange.

A. Sign up for an exchange
If you have not yet purchased any cryptocurrencies you can start by opening an account at Binance by clicking HERE, which will give you a 20% discount on all your fees.

B. Connecting the Kryll platform to an exchange using an API key
In order for Kryll to be able to place trading orders (buy/sell) you need to connect the platform to an exchange such as Binance, Kraken, etc. using an API key. We have some very simple tutorials: List of tutorials here.

Note: You can connect multiple exchanges among those supported by the Kryll platform.

3. Launch your first strategy!

That's it! You are connected to your exchange, all that remains is to choose the strategy or strategies that best suit you and let the strategy work for you. You can also create a strategy from scratch but that's not the subject here, if you're interested follow this link.

A. Define your needs.
A strategy aims to accumulate cryptocurrency (for example: USDT). It works on the pairs indicated by the creator of the strategy, see the image below (suggested pairs). A pair represents 2 cryptocurrencies. Trading on a pair means buying or selling one of these 2 cryptocurrencies to accumulate the other.

Pairs suggested by the publisher and pairs discovered by the community

Attention: If you use a strategy on a pair that is not suggested you may get bad results!

Two points to be identified:
1. On which pair I want to trade, e.g. EGLD/USDT to accumulate USDT.
2. Is the strategy I have chosen recommended for this pair.

B. KRL, the fuel of strategies, how does it work?
Now that your strategy is installed and you've done some backtesting, you're going to need KRL, which is the fuel of the platform, to make it work. The KRL is Kryll's cryptocurrency, you can get it on the platform with your credit card by following this tutorial or on exchanges like Liquid, HitBTC. If you already have KRL on your account then go to the next step.

C. Launch your trading strategy
Now it's time to start your trading strategy.

To choose a strategy, you can rent one in the MarketPlace V2. Select the strategy that suits you by clicking on the corresponding image.

Select the strategy that suits you by clicking on the corresponding image.

To launch a strategy just click on the "launch" button (on the right).

After clicking on "launch" the launch window appears.

Click on "Start" when you are ready
  • Instance name: Give a name to your strategy or leave the default name.
  • Exchange: Select the exchange on which you are going to launch your strategy, the most popular being Binance.
  • Pair: Choose the pair on which you want to execute the strategy. Pairs with a star indicates that they are recommended by the creator.
  • Allocated assets: This is the starting amount (or capital) that your strategy will trade with. In general it is advisable to start a strategy with at least $200 in assets.
  • Strategy fuel: The KRL allocated to your strategy to pay the running fees (will be deducted as you go along). An estimate of the consumption is given , here 0.2 KRL / day.

    In the picture below we have 2 cryptos (EGLD and USDT), you can start with either one or the other or a little bit of both in general, for more information ask the creator of the strategy or see the description of the strategy.


  • Simulation: The strategy will act like it's placing orders but it will simulate the buy/sell. This is very useful if you want to run a simulation of a few days/week for a given strategy before betting your money for real, it allows you to check the reliability of the strategy.
  • Livetrading: The strategy will place buy/sell orders for you on the exchange you specified. This is the real trading mode.

Et voilà!
You've become a trader! Your strategy is launched, you just have to wait for it to start its first trades (buy/sell orders).

Once launched, your strategy will appear in your dashboard

Note: A strategy can take several days or even weeks before making its first trades, so it takes a little patience.

This article is coming to an end but we strongly advise you to read this blog and join the community on TELEGRAM which will answer most of your questions.

We also invite you to download the Kryll companion app to track your strategy performance.

Happy trading!

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