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Kryll's 2023 in Retrospect: Pioneering Innovations in Crypto Automated Trading

In 2023, Kryll.io experienced a landmark year, marked by significant breakthroughs in automated trading and the cryptocurrency sector. This year has been a testament to our ability to adapt and innovate, reflecting our commitment to excellence and user satisfaction.

Enhanced security: In response to the industry's evolving security challenges, we swiftly adopted cutting-edge technologies to bolster our customer's protection.

Expansion and diversification: Our platform has undergone significant growth, introducing revolutionary features in automated trading features, the expansion of our service offering into several languages, and the establishment of strategic partnerships. These developments have not only enhanced the user experience on Kryll.io, but also extended our reach into the international market.

Constant innovation: Every update and new feature has been guided by our desire to offer cutting-edge trading tools, while making the platform more accessible and user-friendly for our users around the world.

On the strength of these global advances, we now invite you to delve deeper into each of these key points. Let's discover together how these innovations and developments have concretely shaped the experience on Kryll.io and contributed to the evolution of our platform over the course of 2023.

January 6 - Binance Asymmetric API keys for Enhanced Security

Responding to the 3Commas incident, Binance rolled out asymmetric API keys to improve security for users using this functionality. At Kryll, we were quick to adopt this advance, reinforcing the protection of our customers. The adoption of RSA public and private key encryption is a significant step forward in securing API operations, ensuring better defense against unauthorized access.

February 7 - Kryll Webhooks: The Revolution for Automated Trading

This update marked a major step forward, offering users the possibility of connecting their automated trading strategies with external services such as TradingView. This innovation significantly expands trading options, making it possible to receive external signals and extend the list of possibilities for Kryll community strategies.

February 9 - Tutoriales de Kryll en español: a commitment to international development

To better serve our growing Spanish-speaking community, we have translated our tutorials into Spanish. This move aims to improve the accessibility of our resources and enrich the experience of users who prefer Spanish-language content, underlining our commitment to developing Kryll internationally.

March 3 - Fast & Kryllious: the Kryll platform now boasts a turbo!

Since this update, users of the Kryll platform benefit from unrivalled speed. The platform has seen a significant reduction in lag, enabling faster and more stable backtests, and data consumption when navigating within the Kryll ecosystem has also been reduced.

March 9 - Strategic partnership between Kryll and Bybit

The integration of Bybit on our platform has opened up new trading opportunities for our users and the 10 million Bybit users who can now access all Kryll services via an API key, including launching strategies from our Marketplace, creating customized strategies with the Strategy Editor, and manual trading via our Trading Terminal. This move demonstrates our commitment to offering more flexibility and options to our community, and to strengthening our ties with the various players in the market.

March 10 - Marketplace of trading bots available in the Kryll Mobile Application

In the 2.3.5 update of our mobile application, we have integrated the Kryll Marketplace. This feature allows users to browse and launch their favorite trading strategies directly from their mobile, enhancing the platform's accessibility and flexibility and offering unrivalled real-time trading management and ease of use.

April 18 - Kryll.io website translated into 19 additional languages

In 2023, we made the Kryll.io website accessible in 22 languages, making it easier for our users around the world to understand, while maintaining French, English and Spanish language support on the platform. This initiative underlines our dedication to a diverse and international trading community.

April 21 - Good news: the minimum capital required to launch a strategy has been lowered!

Listening to our community, we have reduced the minimum amount to launch a strategy on Kryll.io from $200 to $100. This popular update makes trading accessible to more users, especially those with smaller portfolios. It offers the opportunity to diversify trading strategies with a reduced investment, enabling better risk management and opening the door to new earning possibilities for all our users.

May 11 - MultiBacktest: the revolution in strategy backtesting

In 2023, we greatly enhanced our platform with MultiBacktest functionality, enabling simultaneous backtesting on multiple cryptocurrencies, all in the background. This innovation increases users' flexibility and efficiency in creating and testing their trading strategies.

June 1 - Strategic partnership between Kryll and KuCoin

In 2023, we celebrated a strategic partnership with KuCoin, integrating Kryll.io into the KuCoin Futures API. This collaboration gives KuCoin's 20 million users access to Kryll Futures services, significantly expanding trading options and opening up new possibilities on the KuCoin platform.

June 9 to July 9 - 25,000 KRL to be won

This year, in collaboration with KuCoin, we launched the Kryll Futures Contest, an exciting competition with a prize of KRL 25,000. The contest encouraged our users to deploy their best trading strategies on Kryll Futures, providing a rewarding experience and earning opportunities, while building engagement and trading competence within our community.

June 15 - MultiBT functionality available on the Marketplace

We've integrated MultiBT functionality into the Kryll Marketplace, enabling simultaneous backtesting of strategies across multiple cryptocurrencies. This update adds significant value, giving users the ability to evaluate the effectiveness of community strategies across a wide range of cryptocurrencies, facilitating more informed and diversified trading choices.

June 26 - Binance Fast API and Kryll.io: a simplified, secure connection

The integration of Binance Fast API functionality on Kryll.io greatly simplifies the API keys linking, while strengthening security. This update makes it quick and easy to connect your Kryll account to Binance, in less than a minute, and eliminates the need to renew API keys every 90 days, marking an important step towards a smoother, more secure trading experience.

June 28 - The arrival of Kryll as a third-party API application on KuCoin

We were delighted to announce the integration of Kryll.io as a third-party application on KuCoin. This innovation simplifies the linking of your Kryll account with KuCoin and adds an extra layer of security for your automated trading, representing a major step towards a safer and more efficient trading experience.

July 1 - "The Kryll.io Block Bible": the ultimate documentation for trading bot creators!

This summer we published "The Kryll.io Block Bible", a comprehensive guide to mastering the blocks in our trading strategy editor. This documentation offers a detailed view of each available block, enabling users to gain an in-depth understanding of the tools at their disposal for automated trading and thus optimize their trading strategies on Kryll.

July 6 - Variables in the Kryll.io trading bot editor for infinite possibilities!

We've recently enhanced Kryll.io with a key feature: customizable variables. This innovation enables deeper customization of trading bots, giving users the flexibility to create and manipulate variables in their bots. This update opens up new horizons for more complex, tailor-made trading strategies.

July 13 - Kryll GitHub repository: a collaborative space for trading strategies

We've launched our GitHub repository, providing a platform where users can find and share a comprehensive collection of Kryll strategies. This collaborative space encourages knowledge sharing and innovation within our community, allowing everyone to benefit from diverse trading strategies.

September 8 - MultiBT All Pairs: the ultimate tool for in-depth pair research

We have enhanced the MultiBacktest functionality with the MultiBT All Pairs tool, enabling backtesting of all pairs on an exchange platform with a common base token. This innovation facilitates pair research and offers more efficient analysis of strategies on various pairs, reinforcing our commitment to providing advanced and effective backtesting tools.

September 25 - Gate.io integrated on Kryll.io

The integration of Gate.io on our platform has opened up new trading opportunities for our users and the 10 million Gate.io users who can now access all Kryll services via an API key, including launching strategies from our Marketplace, creating customized strategies with the Strategy Editor, and manual trading via our Trading Terminal. This move demonstrates our commitment to offering more flexibility and options to our community, and to strengthening our ties with the various players in the market.

October 5 - Partnership between Kryll and Swipelux: simplifying the purchase of KRL tokens

Announcing a partnership with Swipelux, we facilitate the purchase of KRL tokens directly on Kryll.io. This integration allows users to purchase KRL via their bank card, increasing the accessibility of KRL tokens in over 40 countries with 75 payment currencies, and securing the purchase experience for our users.

October 11 - Enhanced Kryll Mobile App

The Kryll Mobile App update significantly improves logs, including various corrections, variable block support, and the addition of the "close" block. These enhancements make the user experience more fluid and intuitive, facilitating the monitoring and management of trading strategies directly from the mobile app.

November 13 - Perfecting the Kryll.io MultiBacktest feature

We've perfected Kryll.io's MultiBT, improving the user interface, adding performance indicators and offering the possibility of sorting backtests. A CSV export function has been added, as well as the ability to relaunch a MultiBT with the latest version of a strategy. The billing system has also been revised to make it more advantageous. These improvements make backtest analysis more efficient and accessible.

November 14 - Launch up to 299 trading bots on Kryll!

We've significantly improved Kryll.io by increasing the number of bots users can run simultaneously. Depending on the KRL holding level, it is now possible to run up to 299 bots at the same time. This extension offers greater diversification and optimization of automated trading strategies, representing a major advantage for those looking to expand their trading activities and maximize their opportunities for market success.

November 17 - Kryll at the aiPULSE conference

Our presence at the aiPULSE conference in Paris, a leading event in the field of artificial intelligence, underlines our commitment to technological innovation. Proudly involved in the advancement of AI in France, we are developing advanced, AI-driven features for Kryll.io. These new features promise to radically transform the automated trading experience. We look forward to sharing these revolutionary updates with you, developed with passion by our team.

November 20 - 10 million backtests launched on Kryll!

We celebrated a major milestone on Kryll: more than 10 million backtests completed since the platform's launch. This achievement testifies to the power and reliability of our advanced backtesting technology, as well as to the confidence our users place in our trading tools. We would like to extend our warmest thanks to our community for their continued loyalty and support, essential to our growth and the constant improvement of Kryll.

December 21 - Catch several blocks with a lasso on the Kryll strategy editor!

We concluded the year with a significant update to the Kryll editor, introducing an improved interface and new functions including multiple block selection. These advances, inspired by feedback from our community, revolutionize the editing and customization of trading strategies. They aim to make the creation of trading bots smoother and more intuitive. We invite our users to explore these new features, which promise to transform their trading strategy creation experience.


To summarize, 2023 has been a prolific year for Kryll.io, characterized by technological innovation, sustained growth, and deepened commitment to our community. We're proud of these achievements and remain excited to continue innovating and shaping the future of cryptocurrency trading.

We're grateful to our community for their unwavering support and invaluable feedback, which has helped us refine our services and stay aligned with the needs of cryptocurrency traders.

As we begin a new year, we invite you to continue or begin this journey with us, to explore the new possibilities that Kryll.io brings and to help shape a future where cryptocurrency trading is more accessible and secure for all.


Happy Trading,

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